Stupid Swimming!

I’ve always loved swimming laps for exercise.  I was on the swim team in high school but at that point I was only dealing with very minor absence seizures and swimming was safe and fun.  Recently (approximately 25 years after high school) I decided I would like to try swimming again.  I wanted to be safe so I brought my mom with me to the pool as my own personal lifeguard.  One day I thought I felt an aura but I wasn’t sure so I kept swimming.  Next thing I knew, I was in the ambulance.  My mom, age 70, saw me have a seizure while swimming and jumped into the pool to save me from drowning.  Multiple things were going through my mind for the next couple of weeks.  I was scared that I could have easily died through drowning.  Also, the guilt that my moms life was at risk because of my stupid decision to keep on swimming.  That aura I felt should have been enough to get me out of the pool.  If  you feel an aura, or even think you do…get out!

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I’ve been dealing with Epilepsy for approximately 20 years (since my 20’s) but recently had the RNS Responsive Neurostimulation implant and have high hopes!

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