My memories erased by my seizures?

Memory loss if very common for people with Epilepsy.  This can be for many reasons such as the type of seizures they have, side effects of medications, the effects of epilepsy on concentration, age, sleep habits, or the effects of epilepsy surgery.  My memory loss saddens me because there are so many wonderful events in my life that I can no longer enjoy; places I’ve traveled, people I’ve met (and their names!), books I’ve read, etc.  People will say, “remember when we went to that restaurant?”, and unless it was recently, it’s very possible that I won’t remember.

Sadly, there is no cure for this, however the best I can do is create memory aids which help with my memory problems.  Some of the things that I use are these:

  • Sticky notes
  • Calendars on my computer which send me reminder emails
  • Associations (trying to remember peoples names by saying “Tall” if his name is “Paul”
  • To-do lists
  • Diaries (which include seizure diaries)

I feel like I’ve lost a huge part of my life and can only hope that those memories aren’t gone forever.


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I’ve been dealing with Epilepsy for approximately 20 years (since my 20’s) but recently had the RNS Responsive Neurostimulation implant and have high hopes!

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