Diets for Epileptics

Dietary treatments for epilepsy must only be followed with help from an epilepsy specialist and dietitian.  Personally I have not tried the “Ketogenic” diet (see info below) but I do find that with more sugar in my diet, I tend to have more seizures.  Also, after a seizure my palate adjusts and I cannot eat surgery foods.  A balanced diet can be very important for those suffering with epilepsy.  A diet high in sugar is known to cause energy peaks which can be seizure triggers.

The ketogenic diet has been curbing seizures for children since it was first developed in the 1920s. About half of kids who follow this diet have a reduction in seizures.  As many as 1 in 7 become seizure free.  This is a high fat, low carbohydrate diet that is considered for children who have tried multiple medications without success.

More recent studies show that this diets can be helpful in adults as well, but there is very little information on this.  These studies show that the Ketogenic diet, as well as the Atkins diet, may be an option for adults in the future.


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I’ve been dealing with Epilepsy for approximately 20 years (since my 20’s) but recently had the RNS Responsive Neurostimulation implant and have high hopes!

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